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Without a Lawyer

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You don't need a lawyer...you need a guide

HOW it works

GET your info

We tell you what information we need from your accident and injury to help you get your claim moving forward today.  

get you treated

We connect you with pre-qualified health care providers who provide excellent medical care and who write medical reports that get insurance companies to pay attention to your claim. 

Get you paid

Once you follow our tested step-by-step process that has worked against the top five car insurers nationwide, you should receive the maximum payout for your claim.

how to qualify

You Are Injured

You must be physically injured in the accident involving an automobile. You could have been hit while walking or on a bicycle. You could have been the driver or the passenger. As long as you are injured you will qualify.

You Did Not Cause the Accident

If you caused the accident then you are not generally going to get paid by someone else's insurance. If you are partially at fault, this will reduce your settlement but you can still get paid.

You Have Health Insurance

In order to charge you our low fees with our selected providers you have to have health insurance. Even if you have a deductible you need to meet or copays you have to pay, as long as you have insurance we can assist with getting you treatment with the right doctors. At the end of the claim, the insurance company is responsible for paying back medical costs caused by the accident, up to the policy limits of the insurance.

You Will Make an Effort

In order to get paid more than you would make on the average claim you are going to have to do a little bit of work (not a lot). We will provide guidance along the way and any templates you will need to communicate with the insurance company. But, you are ok with filling out some information and following the steps (stuff you would do with a lawyer anyway).

how we make it easy

You control the process

Every step of the way you are in control of your claim. You don't have to wait for a lawyer to call you back because there are no lawyers to call...unless you want to be connected to one which we can help you with.

No Time Wasted

We don't waste your time with a lawyer in an office or on the phone. With the power of mobile, your claim is at your fingertips.

Easy To Follow

A step by step process takes you through your claim from start to finish. You don't need to worry about what to do next, you will be told.

Lower Fees

Because we can leverage the use of technology you don't pay the high fees normally charged by a lawyer. A lawyer will want 30-45% of what he collects for you. We only collect a monthly fee or 25% of your claim until you settle.

Constant Communication

We use text message and email to communicate should you need further information about the next step in the process, doctors visits, or any general info you need.

You Never Negotiate

Pre-formed letter templates and demand letters that get sent to the insurance adjuster after you fill in basic information regarding your treatment, gets you paid like magic, so you can rest easy knowing you never have to step out of your comfort zone.

Flat Monthly Fee

(30 Day Money Back Guarantee)
$ 99
  • Paid Until You Settle or Cancel
  • Most You'll Pay: $899

Pay at Settlement

(only if claim settles)
  • Of Settlement Award
  • Only Pay If Awarded
one time

GEt your claim settled on your terms

It has never been easier to get your car injury claim settled without a lawyer. We are here to help you every step of the way!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we operate in every state

Every case is a little bit different since it depends on your injuries, available insurance and pre-existing injuries, to name a few.  It can take as little as one month or as long as several years.  There is no exact science to it.  On average claims settle in 6-9 months, but many settle a lot sooner than that.

Many people settle their own cases, but they can’t get the most amount out of their claim because they don’t know ALL the next steps.  Insurance companies are prepared to settle with anyone who follows the right steps, whether you are represented by a lawyer or not.  So why give your accident settlement money to a lawyer if you are the one who was injured? Injurly, steps in to provide the process you need to get to the next step to get your claim settled.

Your claim is going to be worth as much as the car insurance available.  That is the maximum you can get.  But, sometimes you are not that injured and will get less or you don’t know how much to ask for.  How much less or more…well Injurly helps guide you to that amount so you can be rest assured you are getting the most amount you can for your claim.  After all, isn’t that why you considered hiring a lawyer?

Sometimes cases can be more complicated and will require a lawyer.  In those cases, you are able to select your own lawyer or choose from a group of lawyers we have pre-selected in your area to help get your claim settled.  If you use a lawyer in our network, any fee you pay us will be refunded to you.

It depends on the pricing option you pick.  But, whichever one you do pick, it will cost you far less than if you hire a lawyer.  If you think about it, the moment you hire a lawyer you will end up giving away 33 – 45% of your money.  But a lawyer can’t add additional insurance to the claim to make up for his fee.  In fact, the average settlement is $15,000 nationwide, so you can save at least $4500, but possibly a lot more, if your claim settles for more than $15,000.

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